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So my first handyman blog is about my wife.  She is a wonderful woman, just full of ideas that make her life easier!  Truth told, most of the ideas have been mine, but she claims them as hers.  Below is a list of handyman projects that I have done for her to make her life easier, and would make yours easier too!

·         Hanging a spice rack on the inside of your pantry door

·         Putting a door stop on your garage door for easy unloading

·         Having your stainless-steel appliances refinished to get rid of those                    scratches 

·         Changing out those gold fixtures with brushed nickel or bronze

·         Changing out the builder light fixtures 

·         Power washing the outside of your house or patio 

·         Re-caulking those cracking areas around your bathroom or kitchen areas

·         Adding night light outlets 

·         Cleaning your dryer vent 

·         Being proactive on your smoke detector battery replacement 

·         Replace or add cabinet pulls and knobs 

·         Adding cabinet or drawer soft close hardware 

·         Adding motion sensor lights 

·         Gate Springs 

·         Furniture Leg Pads to save those scratches on your floor 

I serve Douglas County, including, Parker, Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Castle Rock, Centennial and Franktown. I also service southeast Aurora and Elizabeth. I would be happy to give you a free quote on your handyman

to-do list!

​Till next time,

Greg Josephs, the BestMan