In Case You Haven’t Noticed, It’s Spring Once Again!

Personally, the only thing I like about it is that it’s slightly warmer and we get to see some colors again. Then I start to think about everything that comes with it. Lawn mowing, weeding, power washing, planting, sprinkler start-up/repair and general home clean-up along with the ever present repairs, which I’m happy to help you with!

Every year in my home, we start off the spring cleaning by getting rid of some stuff that either we can donate, sell or possibly pass on to a family member. Over the years, I’ve collected a few things that clients have given to me or asked me if I would donate it for them, which I’m happy to do when possible.

When things need to be given away or donated, it seems that there is a slight difference between my stuff and my wife’s stuff, which I have found out is the same in almost all households and that is this;

According to my wife, she has “things” and I have “crap”. Her “things” have to be gone through and reorganized and my “crap” has to go!

I’ve accepted this definition of my stuff because I love her and I know she means well. I’ve also learned to never call her stuff “crap”. Trust me.

Yay springtime!