Just a handyman?

When I was 13, I decided to take my bike apart. I can’t remember why I decided that it was necessary to perform that task, but it seemed that it needed to be done. (to the dismay of my father). I realized later on, that I was just curious as to how it all worked.

It was a bright yellow metallic StingRay style, with a 3 speed T-handle shifter mounted to the frame, between the banana seat and the ape hanger handlebars. I removed the brakes, pedals, gears, bearings, wheels, handlebars, and the seat (?). It took me a whole day (maybe more, I don’t remember) to reassemble, but I did and it all worked out ok.

I didn’t realize until much later in life, that my curiosity about how things work, or making something useful from spare parts or junk, or repairing something on the fly, was a talent. The best part for me personally, was not the result but the challenge. Sure I’ve been frustrated at times, but I almost always find a solution. When I haven’t, I’ll walk away from it until another solution manifests itself in an “Ah ha!” moment.

The reason I brought all of this up in the first place, was that some clients have asked me to take a look at things that they have given up on fixing and together we have come up with a solution.

Broken furniture, BBQ’s, toys, you name it. At that point, I’m in my element and the challenge begins! Take care and be safe!